Regional Water Management Group Formally Adopts the Greater Monterey County IRWM Plan

The IRWM Plan for the Greater Monterey County region was completed in November 2012. According to the Proposition 84 IRWM Guidelines, each entity that is part of a Regional Water Management Group, as well as each project proponent named in an IRWM Grant application, must formally adopt the Plan. After the Greater Monterey County IRWM Plan was completed, the governing board of each RWMG entity signed a resolution to adopt the IRWM Plan; and at the April 17, 2013 RWMG meeting, the RWMG as an entity voted to formally adopt the IRWM Plan.

Click here to download the IRWM Plan [] (the Plan can be downloaded either by chapter or in a single low-resolution PDF file).

The development of the Greater Monterey County IRWM Plan has truly been a collaborative effort. The Greater Monterey County RWMG is a unique RWMG – a diverse, creative, and enthusiastic group of individuals who have worked hard, and are continuing to work hard, to develop local integrated water management solutions to water management problems in the Greater Monterey County region. We can all be proud of the cooperative and collaborative spirit with which this Plan has been written!

If you have questions about the IRWM Plan or about the IRWM planning process in general, contact Susan Robinson, the IRWM Plan Coordinator, at or at (802) 279-4615.