2017 IRWM Plan Updates

The Greater Monterey County IRWM Region has been awarded $76,935 in Prop 1 IRWM Planning Grant funds to update the IRWM Plan to meet the 2016 IRWM Program Guidelines standards. The plan update began in February 2017 and will conclude by October 2018. Major tasks include:

1. Developing a plan to address arsenic, nitrate, perchlorate, and chromium-VI in communities impacted by these contaminants in the region.

2. Updates to the following sections of the IRWM Plan:

  • Objectives
  • Resource Management Strategies
  • Project Review Process
  • Relation to Local Water Planning
  • Relation to Local Land Use Planning
  • Climate Change

3. Outreach to disadvantaged communities

If you are interested in participating in this planning effort, please contact Susan Robinson at srobinsongs@frontier.com.

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