Greater Salinas Area Storm Water Resource Plan

In February 2017, the City of Salinas and Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency completed a Storm Water Resource Plan (SWRP) for a targeted planning area surrounding the City of Salinas. The plan was developed by Kennedy/Jenks Consultants and completed in February 2017. The Greater Salinas Area SWRP was approved by the Greater Monterey County Regional Water Management Group at a Regional Water Management Group meeting on February 15, 2017, and is incorporated into the Greater Monterey County IRWM Plan as an appendix. Click here to download the complete plan.

The Greater Salinas Area SWRP is just the first step in storm water planning for the Greater Monterey County IRWM region. The Regional Water Management Group is currently in the process of developing a SWRP for the entire Greater Monterey County IRWM region, with plan completion expected by May 2018. The larger plan will encompass the Greater Salinas Area SWRP planning area and extend out to the entire geographic IRWM region, and will incorporate aspects of the Greater Salinas Area plan (as appropriate).

For more information, see the news article below!

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