Now Accepting Projects for the IRWM Plan

The Greater Monterey County Regional Water Management Group is now accepting applications from any interested stakeholder who wishes to have project(s) included in the Greater Monterey County Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Plan. This project solicitation is also a “preliminary call for projects” for the Greater Monterey County Storm Water Resource Plan (SWRP; the SWRP is still under development).

To be eligible for inclusion in the Plan, projects:

  • must be located within the geographic boundaries of the Greater Monterey County IRWM Region (see Region Description on our homepage);
  • must address water resource management issues in the Greater Monterey County Region, including water supply, water quality, flood management, and/or natural resource enhancement; and
  • must be consistent with the Region’s goals and objectives.

This is an open solicitation. The project application deadline is TBD (anticipated to be early Spring 2018). Application forms for both implementation projects and concept proposals are available for download at

If you have a storm water management project, your project will potentially be eligible for both Proposition 1 IRWM Implementation Grant funds (administered by the Department of Water Resources) and Proposition 1 Storm Water Implementation Grants funds (administered by the State Water Resources Control Board). This is your opportunity to have your project included in both plans. If you would like to be eligible for the next IRWM Implementation Grant, you must submit your project now. If you are only interested in the Storm Water Implementation Grant, you will have another opportunity to submit your project to the SWRP at a later date.

Important notice to stakeholders who currently have projects in the IRWM Plan: With this project solicitation, we will be starting an entirely new Project List for the IRWM Plan. All existing projects in the Plan will get removed, and we will create a new Project List from scratch. If you want to keep your project in the Plan, you must submit a new proposal now.

What happens next:

For the IRWM Implementation Grant:

We anticipate that the Department of Water Resources will be releasing the draft Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) for Round 1 of Prop 1 IRWM funds in early Spring 2018. Any project proponent who has submitted their project to the IRWM Plan by that time, and who wishes to apply for Round 1 IRWM Implementation Grant funds, will be invited to submit a second (more detailed) application for consideration by the Regional Water Management Group. The Regional Water Management Group will use the information in that application to determine which projects to put forward in the Region’s application for State grant funds. We expect the final application to the State will be due in Summer 2018.

Note that the Regional Water Management Group has recently updated its project review process for the IRWM Plan. Click here to download a summary of the revised process, including the new project ranking criteria.

For the Storm Water Implementation Grant:

The SWRP timeline is slightly different from that of the IRWM Plan. We are uncertain as to when the State Water Board will be issuing their PSP for Storm Water Implementation Grant projects – it could be as early as this Fall, but may be several months later. We will keep you posted. There will be a separate project review and ranking process for projects included in the SWRP.

If you have any questions about the application, the project ranking process, or about the IRWM program, please contact Susan Robinson, IRWM Program Director, at or (802) 279-4615. If you have questions specific to the SWRP planning process, please contact John Hunt at or (831) 684-1203.