Storm Water Resource Planning

Storm Water Resource Plan for the Greater Monterey County IRWM Region

August 18, 2017: The Greater Monterey County IRWM region is conducting a “preliminary call for projects” for the Greater Monterey County Storm Water Resource Plan. The SWRP is currently under development; however, the SWRP Project Team is interested in learning about storm water projects that are being proposed in the region. Storm water projects submitted now will be included in both the SWRP and the IRWM Plan, and will be eligible for both grant programs (i.e., Storm Water Implementation Grant and IRWM Implementation Grant funds). Projects submitted at a later date will be eligible for Storm Water Implementation Grant funds only.

The deadline for submitting project proposals is October 6, 2017. Click here to download the application form.

About the Greater Monterey County Storm Water Resource Plan

The Regional Water Management Group was recently awarded $469,305 in Proposition 1 Storm Water Planning Grant funds from the State Water Resources Control Board to develop a Storm Water Resource Plan for the Greater Monterey County IRWM Region. The project will provide an additional $477,244 in matching funds.

Prior to the passage of Proposition 1 in November 2014, the California Legislature adopted SB 985 (Stormwater Resource Planning Act). SB 985 requires the development of a Storm Water Resource Plan as a condition of receiving funds for storm water and dry weather runoff capture projects from any bond approved by voters after January 2014. The plan must be watershed-based.

Storm water planning and management on a watershed basis involves collaboration of local governments, utilities, and other stakeholder groups to analyze the hydrology, storm drain/runoff conveyances systems, opportunity sites, and other habitat or community needs within sub-watersheds. The Stormwater Management Planning Act implemented through Water Code section 10563 substantively focuses on diverting runoff from existing storm drains, channels, or conveyance structures to sites (particularly publicly owned sites) that can clean, store, infiltrate and/or use the runoff. Coordinated storm water management, monitoring, and evaluation on a watershed basis minimizes monitoring costs and maximizes the value of monitoring results across programs intended to protect beneficial uses.

Efforts are currently underway to produce a Storm Water Resource Plan for the Greater Monterey County IRWM region, with plan completion expected by May 2018. Click here to download the Work Plan.

If you would like more information about the Storm Water Resource Plan or about the planning process, or if you have a project that you would like to submit for inclusion in the plan, please contact:

Stay tuned to this page for updates and draft documents of the Greater Monterey County Storm Water Resource Plan!

Greater Salinas Area Storm Water Resource Plan

The City of Salinas and Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency completed a Storm Water Resource Plan for a targeted planning area surrounding the City of Salinas. The plan was developed by Kennedy/Jenks Consultants and completed in February 2017. The Greater Monterey County Storm Water Resource Plan will incorporate aspects of the Greater Salinas Area plan, as appropriate. Click below to download the plan:

The Greater Salinas Area Storm Water Resource Plan was approved by the Greater Monterey County Regional Water Management Group at a regularly scheduled Regional Water Management Group meeting on February 15, 2017, and is incorporated into the IRWM Plan as an appendix.