IRWM Projects

The projects included in this Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Plan are meant to implement the Plan and achieve Plan objectives. All projects must undergo a thorough review process before they can be formally included in the IRWM Plan. The Proposition 84/1E IRWM Grant Program Guidelines require that certain factors be used in the review process. These factors include:

  • How the project contributes to plan objectives
  • How the project is related to resource management strategies
  • Technical feasibility of the project
  • Special benefits to critical disadvantaged community (DAC) water issues
  • Special benefits to critical water issues for Native American tribal communities (Note: This factor is not applicable in the Greater Monterey County IRWM region. While Native American tribes inhabit the area, there are no designated tribal lands or “communities” within the region.)
  • Environmental justice considerations
  • Project costs and financing
  • Economic feasibility
  • Project status
  • Strategic considerations for plan implementation
  • Contribution of the project in adapting to the effects of climate change
  • Contribution of the project in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as compared to project alternatives

With each new project solicitation for the IRWM Plan, a Project Review Committee, comprised of Regional Water Management Group (RWMG) members, is convened to review each of the projects. The committee: 1) ensures that projects meet “minimum standards” for inclusion in the Plan, 2) seeks opportunities for integration, and 3) prioritizes the projects according to how well they meet the IRWM Plan objectives, as well as how well they meet objectives and priorities of the IRWM Grant Program. The result of this process is a ranked project list, vetted and approved by the RWMG. All projects on the project list are eligible for IRWM grant funds.

The following webpages contain IRWM project information:

1) Completed Projects funded through the IRWM Plan

2) Current Projects funded through the IRWM Plan

3) Proposed Projects listed in the IRWM Plan but not yet funded.